Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Washing Baby Dolls Water Play

Baby doll washing has always been a popular water play activity in our house. 
I first posted about it in this baby washing post.

I recently set up "C" with a baby washing station in our kitchen.

We dedicated this cute heart print storage box from Target
as our "bathtub" it also doubles as storage for the baby washing gear .

We have some small bottles of real baby shampoo and baby powder.
A mini bar of hotel soap and a few sponges.

I also set up the girl's play drying rack to hang out wet towels
and baby doll diapers.

When "E" got home from school that afternoon, she wanted to wash a baby right away
she wasn't too happy that I took her photo playing with her little sister!

My little mommy "C" and her freshly washed baby doll.

Note: I'm on stand-by to watch my niece
while my Sister-in-law delivers my nephew (any day now!)
Guess what I've got waiting in a gift bag to surprise her with?
Yep, a plastic baby doll (from Target) a little doll sized wash tub,
and two travel size bottles of lavendar baby wash and powder.
We'll be washing pretend babies while we wait for the real one to arrive!

Pink and Green Mama

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